Sergio Bini as Bustric.
Graduated in  Arts and Philosopy  at the University of Bologna.
He attends  the circus school  of “Annie Fratellini and Pierre Etaix” and  The  pantomime school of Etienne Decroux in  Paris and  the Roy Bosier  school in Rome, too.
He was with Jon Strasberg  at the “ Actor studio “.
Bustric founds  the “ Melquiades Company” with three young men, after many theatrical Experiments, Bustric begins his work studying the various  techniques of street theatre  with this Company:
He workes as Clown, Mime, Acrobat and  Conjuring trick.
The Melquiades Company was dissolved and Bustric foundes: “ Bustric Company”.
Bustric takes his performances around the world : Europe, Somalia, Cile, Uruguay,Brasil, Argentina, North America. He speaks French as well as Italian
He has been  an actor in the Oscar winning Film “ Life is beautiful” by Roberto Benigni.
Bustric  writes and plays his performances, he tells the story through many technical ways  conjury  tricks, pantomimes, songs, and  actors .
His conjury tricks are not only the pretext to show a  trick but it is the reason to tell the story with so many fantastic exebitions and funny unexpected  things.
his stories have a subject as “ La meravigliosa arte dell’inganno”  in which the trick  can be  any trick, like historical or a  loving trick.
The trick can be  only a  fantasy trick as in the “ Atterraggio di fortuna” in which the public are the passengers in the air plane, they are crashing and the pilot tries a lucky landing.
A historical trick too, as “ Napoleone magico Imperatore”   which  is  a metaphor of power and slyness.
There are several musical performances:
“ Peter and the wolf” by Prokofiev, has been shown in Florence of Verdi Theatre with the  “ Orchestra Regionale Toscana” for the first time.
This performance has an important particular because it is classic and at the sometime there are many funny pantomimes,  for example when   the duck comes in  and it is walking and waving his big bottom  here Bustric’s bottom blowes up and becomes the duck’s bottom.
“ Varieté”    music by M.Kagel  and  music-director   S.Gorli It is an immagined Varieté in which all the characters  who Bustric  shows,  transform themselves in an incredibly quick way becoming one moment an Acrobat- a Cinise a Strong Man  and so on.
“ Un petit train de plaisir” music by  Azio Corghi .The story tells about a journey and a meeting, Bustric shows this story by many  pantomimes.
Bustric  is a fantastic and comic  man, he creates differences and surprises, he divides the  order of things to show  them in a different way and to be able to discover them again.
Bustric’s world is fantastic and very funny but it is always credible.
His incredibly expressive figure as pantomime-varieté- clown-  gives dramatic value to his stories,
And Bustric surprises his public with  pure and poetic magic
This is Bustric’s Art.
We can see Bustric in the cinema, theatre and on television.

Available: Personal History.zip